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"Chidester’s approach transcends the script’s Q&A format to become something as theatrical as it is transformative." -StageSceneLA

"...director Katie Chidester has all the right instincts in knowing where stridency is appropriate, and in mounting a production that could hardly be more compelling." -Signal Tribune, Long Beach

"It’s a quirky, intense little piece shifting back and forth in time, and slightly confusing at first. Only a highly skilled director like Katie Chidester could pull it off; somehow she juggles it all brilliantly.

"Kudos to Chidester for so successfully and imaginatively enlarging the scope of the show" Orange Curtain Review

"And when she ramps up the audience interaction in the second piece there’s no stopping her, especially under Katie Chidester’s sharp-edged direction." Jordan R. Young.

"Katie Chidester provides skilled, clear, and often inspired direction, keeping up the pacing and expertly holding all of our focus though both acts." - Long Beach Post

"...artfully directed by Katie Chidester, creating two worlds separated by time but connected by story" - Postscript Productions

"The meditation of what Strindberg could possibly mean to us … is it’s charm. And Katie Chidester's direction was one big reason why." - LA Weekly, Pick of the Week

"...directed by Katie Chidester with all the sensitivity and passion the play requires. " Long Beach Gazette

"[Katie Chidester] is not afraid of the silence which this play needs to feel believable, and her use of theatricality, though reserved, helps elevate the play's most transcendent moments." - Long Beach Post

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