A Broad A-Broad

Ok, this museum opened in 2015 but I've been in North Carolina at grad school since then. But ever since The Broad opened, I've been desperate to visit. Why? I dunno. Maybe it's the incredible building that everyone has been gushing over. The fact that Los Angeles continues to be a world class competitor with a cultural and artistic scene. Maybe I was just excited about a giant balloon dog? Whatever the reason, I was only JUST NOW ABLE TO GO. My sister (a curator for a museum in Orange County) and I gave our mom a birthday gift (that was more for us, than her) for a day at The Broad. We valet parked out front (how is it only $15?? Unheard of and also highway robbery) and ate at the incredibl

Directing Hedda

Coming June 24th! Check out this awesome new show at The Chance Theater in Anaheim Hills - advance tickets are recommended so click here to get them!

Casting Crimson

I am SOOOO close to casting this show. As is typical around these parts, catching actors is easy. Keeping them is another story. I've had a few actors run in to scheduling conflicts and sever others who have had a hard time committing for a number of reasons (material, not the lead, etc..) But I know we'll get an excited group of folks - SOON!

I'm shy but I'm still on social media.

Mostly just being snarky.

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