The Last Conversation

As we head into the final weekend of We Will Not Describe the Conversation, I've had some distance to reflect on the show and what worked, what didn't. I really loved working with this team, they were great. Haley's lights are really bold and Pat's set has hidden tricks that allow us to have a completely unique look to the show we're running in rep with. The actors are great at keeping the pacing tight while still not rushing the quiet moments. (the first 5 minutes of the play are silent and still). Eugenie's script unfolds with surprises and clues along the way, it's so easy for the audience to get caught up in the story. I think ultimately I underestimated crafting the "memory moments" and

One Woman Show, Two Women

I'm starting work on my next project which is a one-women show by writer/actress Tina Burkhaler called "My Life in Two Acts" featuring two original works The Common Denominator and The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. Excited to get started with Tina who is a terrific personality onstage. I got to see Tina perform an excerpt from this show at the Project La Femme International Women's Day show we produced titled Project WomenGetLoud. And then again at her book release party, she performed some of her poetry. This will be my first full length one-women show and I'm not sure what to expect in this process. I do know that Tina and I will have an awesome time.

Crime and Punishment

Rehearsals have started for We Will Not Describe the Conversation by Eugenie Carabatsos and I am so grateful for this cast. Here are few promo pictures by Amber Scott. One of the greatest things about diving into this script is the moments of quiet sisterhood and female support that the characters of Dani and Sonya share. Eugenie puts in a playwright note: "This play is inspired by a sentence in Crime and Punishment, a scene that Dostoyevsky chose not to write. In the novel, Raskolnikov, a struggling ex-student, commits a grisly murder: killing two elderly women with an axe. He later confesses his crime to his lover, Sonya, who in turn discusses his crime with his sister, Dunya. Readers don’

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