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The Miss Julie Dream Project

by The Fell Swoop Playwrights 

Written by Meghan Brown, Samm Hill, J. Holtham, Abbe Levine, Michelle Meyers, Tira Palmquist, Emily Brauer Rogers, Brenda Varda, and Kyle T. Wilson.

Julie and Mina
Set at Son of SEMELE
Mina makes a rousing speech
"Let's do this!"
"Killing Julie"
Vic May
Elan O'Connor as Julie
Lynn Adrianna and Edward Alvarado
Midsummer Orgy
Golden Egg
"Join us, Mina"

Director | Katie Chidester

Set Design | Fred Kinney

Lighting Design | Harrison Haug

"Still, the meditation of what Strindberg could possibly mean to us in the here and now

— as well as the meditation on what actually constitutes the here and now — retained its charm.


Katie Chidester's direction was one big reason why."

- LA Weekly 

Photos by Luke Gattuso
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