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The Direction of Directing

Where to?

I find myself struggling with a path to directing. Specifically in terms of the next step in a career. I realize I am hardly alone in this dilemma - there just isn't a known route to follow that end in a "successful" directing career.

However, if my goal is to be an Artistic Director, what skills and muscles does one cultivate that are the most important? If I had to guess I might say that being a great story-teller is important. Being a manager with a clear vision and the power to engage people in your passion is important. Also, it seems a non profit organization really needs a face for fundraising and promotion.

This makes me wonder how to cultivate these skills, and in what order?

Do I spend time working as the artist first, giving myself credibility and experience? Do I commit time to the office and working as administrator - putting art to the side? Here I could explore a management style, learning the intricacies of a running regional theater.

There isn't a great specific answer to these questions.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I am looking at the current structure of how to "curate a career". Maybe it's time for me to think outside the structure - maybe the structure is outdated?? One thing is for sure, it is too easy to become distracted from the work itself. The creating of art. The business of art becomes burdensome.

Create. Be. Go. Stop overthinking it.

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