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Excited that I can now announce I'll be directing a brand new script, Crimson by Sara Saenz for OC-Centric festival at Chapman University. The show will open in August 2017.

Crimson follows the story of a young woman suffering post-traumic disorder after a sexual attack. Fate intervenes when she's visited by Eris, Greek goddess Discord, who offers her a powerful solution to her problems.

Influenced by greek tragedies, Shakespeare and horror films, this show is ambitious, messy and unwieldy. Questions about dealing with mental health, sexual violence and morality are interwoven into this non-linear and highly theatrical story.

I am currently in the process of casting! An open round of auditions will be happening May 27th at 10am on Chapman's campus. I believe the OC Centric website or Facebook page has scripts and side available for download.

This show will be crazy. Excited to get my hands dirty.

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