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Classicist or Revisionist?

I'll be directing a staged reading this June for the Orange County Playwrights Alliance. A comedy by Lynn Nelson called "Directing Hedda". It will take place at The Chance Theater in Anaheim Hills!

Synopsis: The Swan’s Song Theatre is about to close its doors if it can’t produce a successful play. Each of the two artistic directors have hired a separate director, independent of each other, to direct Hedda Gabler. The newly hired directors have conflicting styles - one is a classicist, the other a revisionist - and each of these two women have issues of their own. Most of the pre-cast show have fled to other productions except for the two female leads.

I anticipate a bit of a challenge since female directors are at the center of this story and I wonder how close it will hit to home. Also, a closing theater?? I can only image getting into tablework and giving the actors a first person account of the complex emotional experience of having to close your theater down!

I am currently looking to cast it, which is always an adventure. One of the odd things about doing theater in OC is having a lot of actors in your network, but often these opportunities can be a big favor. I think with so much going on here, it's pretty easy to get a gig (especially as a man) and holding out for something flashy or exciting is common. I am luck to have so many good friends who will answer a call for a project I'm doing. But there is ALWAYS some role that inevitably becomes an obstacle.

As soon as I have this cast, I'll post it. I'm also currently casting "CRIMSON" for OC-Centric and feel like I am SO close to being done.

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