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A Broad A-Broad

Ok, this museum opened in 2015 but I've been in North Carolina at grad school since then. But ever since The Broad opened, I've been desperate to visit. Why? I dunno. Maybe it's the incredible building that everyone has been gushing over. The fact that Los Angeles continues to be a world class competitor with a cultural and artistic scene. Maybe I was just excited about a giant balloon dog? Whatever the reason, I was only JUST NOW ABLE TO GO. My sister (a curator for a museum in Orange County) and I gave our mom a birthday gift (that was more for us, than her) for a day at The Broad.

We valet parked out front (how is it only $15?? Unheard of and also highway robbery) and ate at the incredible Vespaio. The food was great, the atmosphere was so cool and casual. Our waitress was adorable and we loved. Def would like to go back.

The art collection was impressive and the size of the building was really thrilling. There was an insane about of people, despite being 2pm on a Friday afternoon. Children, art students, tourists and Angelenos out and about. And almost everyone with their camera and Instagram out as they browsed.

Had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back. Which I absolutely have to do - the INFINITY ROOM was sold out and I missed being able to get my 30 seconds inside. Another trip is necessary.

Till next time - this broad can't wait!

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