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When you got talented friends and they ask if you're available: say "yes". I was thrilled that Bob Tully (who is all over this website because I've cast him many times. Seriously, the bald guy, you had to notice him) asked me to participate in a new project. The mission of Playhouse:

Playhouse Mission - HECK YES

I directed a piece Bob wrote called Buchenwald that we rehearsed as a play. Just 3 actors, a table and 2 chairs. A play about a hot-button issue and the debates that ensue.

We then traveled to the Cabrillo Playhouse who generously gave us the whole space for the day and met Davis Barber of Barber Productions. Davis and his assistant Jennifer set up camera and lights and we filmed Buchenwald like a movie. They're editing it now but the hope is to put the finished product online and then continue to look for opportunities to perform live.

In addition, Bob has another small script that tackles some racial debates that he wants to produce in the same kind of way. Potentially this could turn into a season.

I had such a wonderful time rehearsing this piece but then also the day of the shoot was just plain fun. There was an easy casual vibe and Davis basically filmed the piece straight thru so it very much felt like a performance.

I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with these creative people again - and be a part of what Playhouse turns into.

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