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Introducing: Project La Femme

It is so easy to feel out of control right now. This country, the future and stability of the arts, my personal trajectory. It feels like we collectively are dealing with issues and situations that feel like they could spin out of control at a moment's notice (if not currently).

Alongside a longtime friend, I made a decision to do something about this feeling of vulnerability and created an arts and performance collective.

Project La Femme is our answer to that and our very first project was last week (Oct 6th 2017).

#ImNotDisposable was a photo project, social practice art, taking place at the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton, CA at the October ARTWALK, multiple venues in city participate by opening their doors to feature art and local artists.

It was simple, we asked those willing to participate the question "What is your value?" and had them write their unique answers and pose for a photograph.


Amidst the national civil unrest and clash of ideologies in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of a protestor, an online website editor wrote: “most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness. A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value.”

In response to this, we are compelled to create a flash movement of positivity that focuses on the individual and their benefit in relation to their community.

Our goal is to cultivate dialogue through this #ImNotDisposable Project, and asking: How do you prove your economic worth in order to justify your existence?

The art piece is twofold, process and product. First: the process of engaging individuals, asking questions, and documenting their answers. The second is the compilation of the multimedia product to be shared online.

It was a great experience, the act of engaging and interacting with strangers to explain the project and reason. People had varying responses; instantly enthusiastic, shy and self-concious about coming up with a creative answer, appreciation, curiosity and delight at looking at the other responses.

Currently we are working on compiling the video in the hopes of getting it on our website and social media pages to be shared!

We are all valuable despite ideas, backgrounds, race, family, gender, religion, sexuality, ability or citizenship. No one else has the right using an arbitrary metric of values to determine an individuals worth. And that's worth reminding all of us about!

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