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Creative Conversations: Cheech Marin

I was lucky enough to attend a fundraising dinner at the Matador Cantina Agave Room with artist GERMS and actor/comedian/art collector, Cheech Marin.

I wrote a brief post about visiting the Fullerton Museum Center to see "Under the Microscope: Artwork of GERMS" and I fell in love with the world of Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS.

This dinner was a five course meal and mezcal tasting. The menu was incredible and the while I haven't felt like a major mezcal fan, I am a complete convert! Tres Papalote Mezcal was amazing. It was served neat as well as mixed in cocktails. Typically I've found the taste to previously be awfully smoky (and truthfully reminded me of ham. The smokiness? I dunno. I can't explain it.) but these drinks were complex and interesting. I can't wait to try more!

Before dinner Cheech spoke briefly about the importance of art. Marin is the owner of the world's largest collection of Chicano paintings, soon to have his collection to be on display in Riverside .

He emphasized that Chicano art *is* American art and that it is so vital to learn and support this cultural work.

After the incredible dinner, we walked to the museum for a private tour and Cheech was eager to show off his own pieces in the exhibit. The evening was lovely, full of great stories, laughter and art. xoxox


Some of the photos

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