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Small but Mighty

There was something so cool that happened in my hometown and I was fortunate enough to be a part of!

Here's the breakdown of the Small by Mighty fundraiser:

Sometimes just doing something nice for someone during a tough time just feels right, whether you know them or not. A dear friend of ours and deep rooted community artist is battling breast cancer. Valerie has just recently started her own Art School here in Fullerton called Art Academics. She will be trying to keep it afloat while she goes through surgeries and procedures. We at The Magoski Arts Colony and the local community are trying to help her financially and emotionally as much as we can. We have recieved 230 of the 300 5"x 5" art blocks back from some pretty amazing artists and community that will be each priced at $75. 100% of all the proceeds will go to Valerie. How do you purchase a piece? Each piece will have a title tag with a tag hanging from it. If or when you choose a piece(s) tear the hanging tag and take it to the cashier for purchase. A runner will go get your art off the walls and bring it back to be wrapped and bagged. Please wait in the area for your art work. Please enjoy the show and soak up the experience but please keep in mind there other people waitng to get in to do the same and we can only accomodate a certain amount of people.

So, I'm not a visual artist (any surprise there?), merely one who appreciates it. I was daunted to create a piece that someone who want to pay $5 for - let alone $75.

Here's my effort:

Nevertheless, she persisted.

I was fairly happy with the way it turned out! I mean, it's not fantastic and it certainly its't technically advanced. Essentially I was like "yeah I guess I'd want to buy this at Home Goods..."

I turned it in and then showed up the night of November Artwalk to see all the pieces together. It was incredible to walk among the pieces (about 250 blocks) to see the vast variety of mediums and high levels of talent.

Overall, it was inspiring and that single evening raised a significant amount of money for Valerie's cancer treatment. Here's a few that made an impression on me...

And mine even sold! Special shout out to Aimee Aul who was gracious and said she was going to put the piece up in her office. She is definitely a woman who persists :)

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