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I'm not a playwright. (not that I haven't thought about changing that). But in February 2018 I will be heading to Colorado to Creede Repertory Theater for a full week!

Emily Brauer is a close, dear friend that is an incredible writer has a play that we submitted to the HBMG Foundation for the National Winter Playwrights Retreat. We are lucky enough to go and workshop the script and have it read aloud by professional actors, receiving feedback and discussion.

I can't claim any artistic contribution to her play but I'm 100% obsessed with taking it to the next level of storytelling.

I have never been to Colorado. Maybe it will look like this...?

With a full week of readings, meeting theater people and discussing art I am so eager to have some time to sit and write. Maybe something a little more interesting that what I've already posted on this blog? I dunno. Maybe TOO ambitious.

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