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New Year, New You

Wow! Somehow, it's a new year that cam sweeping in, just in time.

2017 was a crazy year but I think it's the year I officially became an activist. I co-founded my artistic collaborative Project La Femme. I got to direct some cool pieces of theater. I made a piece of visual art that sold (for money!) with proceeds donated to a fantastic cause. I went to Chicago for the first time (and wandered about the Art Institute for 5 hours - the best). I saw friends. Listened to music. Started working at an art gallery, a job that I love. Saw some bad theater. Some some great theater. Got a Disneyland pass and rediscovered the fun of just hanging out casually and not running around. Hit a milestone birthday.

It wasn't all gorgeous moments though. There were a number of dark spots, emotionally and professionally. I also dealt with the loss of some wonderful people this past year. The light and goodness that Rose, Greg and Alexa exuded was tragically cut short. Each of them in different worlds and stages of life, but all of them a beautiful addition to my life. They will be missed

I struggle with procrastination in a big way. I have decided to have a motto for 2018 to help keep me on track with my goals and focus.

It's: Done Not Perfect.

One of the tricky aspects of anxiety is the fear of starting anything. Anxiety always says that it won't be successful, come out good, make you look foolish and be embarrassing. I'm gonna try to curb that with this little motto - it's more important to get that application, proposal, idea, attempt done on time than to waffle between self-doubt and perfectionism. (mmm waffles)

This year I will make significant advances in my career and personal life - making a list with clear goals will help. Or at least I'm hoping.

Here's to all the good that's coming my way in 2018. #NeverthelessShePersisted

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