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National Playwrights Winter Retreat 2018

I'm here and it's ccccoolllldd! After a long traveling day, we arrived in this beautiful mining town in the mountains.

The Repertory Theater is closed for the season (open in the summer) but those of us here for the NPWR got a tour of their lovely facilities. I am head over heels in love with the idea that this little town, seeing the decline of the silver market knew their mines were in trouble and started a theater. They converted the old opera house and started creating shows for the locals as well as the tourists traveling through before camping, hiking and fishing.

It snowed the first day we were there - this is exciting because I got to actually see the flurries fall from the sky! Aside from the 2 times I've seen it snow in North Carolina, this was such a delight. The whole place became a wonderland. Most locals wore a cap and a jacket. I had so many layers on, I could hardly turn my head.

Emily has been working on a fantastical script about lost souls. We has a reading, go feedback and we collaborated on a few new ideas. She's been working crazy hard and the script keeps developing. The challenges of putting such magic and sci-fi-fi onstage is daunting but I'm actually super excited about it.

We're also still working on our Jane Austen piece, the 3-women comedy that we started earlier this year.

The town has been incredibly kind. I can't believe how many people, recognizing we're from out of town, have introduced themselves, asked about our writing and welcomed us. With such a small town where everyone knows everyone else, we certainly all stick out. They fact that there's a little town so receptive and eager to have theater artists in their space amazes me. It's truly inspiring.

I am so glad and honored to have been invited to this unique experience. I already can't wait to come back.

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