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We Will Not Describe the Conversation

I am headed back to STAGESTheater six years after I directed American Buffalo there (and after I played Germaine in Picasso at the Lapine Agile). Another three person cast but this time with a female playwright and an original script that's dark, sweet and completely unexpected.

Dani’s a massage therapist who prides herself on choosing

not to break her clients’ necks. Sonya’s a secretary who carries a bloody axe in her bag because it makes her feel powerful. They meet one night after the disappearance of a young man who has murdered an elderly woman. Together, they piece together what happened and uncover their own dark desires and fear that they will turn out like him… and what’s that noise coming from the closet? Inspired by a missing scene in Crime and Punishment.

We had the first read last night and it was thrilling to hear the script out loud. Plus it was just fun to see the actors meet each other and start to spark dialogue.

I also can't wait to meet the playwright, Eugenie Carabatsos, who Stages will be flying out to attend a few rehearsals in a few weeks. I am anxious to work with a playwright in the room as a collaborator and getting her insight.

Tickets here!

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