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Crime and Punishment

Rehearsals have started for We Will Not Describe the Conversation by Eugenie Carabatsos and I am so grateful for this cast.

Here are few promo pictures by Amber Scott.

One of the greatest things about diving into this script is the moments of quiet sisterhood and female support that the characters of Dani and Sonya share.

Eugenie puts in a playwright note:

"This play is inspired by a sentence in Crime and Punishment, a scene that Dostoyevsky chose not to write. In the novel, Raskolnikov, a struggling ex-student, commits a grisly murder: killing two elderly women with an axe. He later confesses his crime to his lover, Sonya, who in turn discusses his crime with his sister, Dunya. Readers don’t get to know much about this conversation between the two women though, for all the author writes is “We will not describe the conversation and the tears of the two girls, and how friendly they became.” This sentence became the inspiration for this play."

It's exciting to explore a classic piece of literature from the perspective of the secondary characters. They are secondary because they're the women who satellite Dostoyevsky's anti-hero and largely serve to further the narrative in context to him.

In this version of the story, the women take center stage and it is through their connection and budding relationship that we see them create a space for each other (both literally and figuratively) that allows each other to heal.

As a director I was so drawn to the challenge of how the writer uses time in the script. I love the blurry lines of residual emotion that makes the play raw. As each of the women explain stories and antidotes of how they both arrived in the present, their mutual connection (Ross) enters and disappears in their world with memories that happen in real time. I love that the Dani and Sonya characters build a relationship through their sharing these memories as the desperately try to piece together the puzzle of what happened with Ross. Where did he go wrong? What could have possibly driven him to this point?

I hope that audiences love this journey as much as I have had working on it with the actors. It's been exciting and I can't wait to share it.

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