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The Last Conversation

As we head into the final weekend of We Will Not Describe the Conversation, I've had some distance to reflect on the show and what worked, what didn't.

I really loved working with this team, they were great. Haley's lights are really bold and Pat's set has hidden tricks that allow us to have a completely unique look to the show we're running in rep with.

The actors are great at keeping the pacing tight while still not rushing the quiet moments. (the first 5 minutes of the play are silent and still). Eugenie's script unfolds with surprises and clues along the way, it's so easy for the audience to get caught up in the story.

I think ultimately I underestimated crafting the "memory moments" and I think having Eugenie's input during tech week helped provide a clearer version of her intent. I think if I were to do this show again, much of the focus would be looking closely at those transitions in and out of the scenes. And having said that, I think that crafting would have happened with a scenic designer right off the bat to see how we could find some innovention with them.

Grateful for this short and generous review from SoCal Arts and Entertainment :

Across town, Eugenie Carabatsos’ “We Will Not Describe the Conversation,” is getting a fine production that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys original theatre. This chamber drama (at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton though May 19) begins as a character study of a by-the–button masseuse, a tardy customer, and her estranged brother.

It’s a quirky, intense little piece shifting back and forth in time, and slightly confusing at first. Only a highly skilled director like Katie Chidester could pull it off; somehow she juggles it all brilliantly. Her staunchest ally in the solid three-person cast is Andrea Marie Freeman, who gives us an intricately layered performance (as Sonya, the needy customer) that’s a marvel. The set and staging are deceptively simple.

I feel grateful for this opportunity to stage this script and work with this team of people. It's been a crazy ride and I can't believe it's coming to a close already!

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