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Centric Return

I'm glad to return to lovely Chapman University to direct for the OC-Centric New Play Festival this summer! This year marks my 3rd year and show, premiering another brand new work.

"Thump in the Night" is fast-paced, ridiculous comedy by Lydia Oxenham. This is the first play she's written though she has extensive experience as a sketch comedy writer. Which definitely shows in the piece that is over the top and completely oddball.

It was awesome to have Lydia be a part of the audition process and she is super cool. Here is her interview for the festival and her wittiness and charm tells you a bit about her writing!

I'd love the opportunity to keep working with Lydia but she informed me that she will be moving to Tennessee this summer. I'm glad she has so many exciting things to pursue but I'm bummed she won't be close to collaborate.

I believe Lydia will be back to see the festival and I'm grateful, I think she'll enjoy the cast. I have 8 actors ranging in type and age and all who have blast being crazy. The most difficult thing in staging comedy is that one of the most important components of it comes at the very last minute. Adding the audience in is the final piece of the collaboration and informs so much about what is reading and what is not. This could be unbelievably unfunny but it's difficult to gauge till we have people participating. For that reason, I hope we at least get close because we only have 2 weeks of performances to get it *just* right.

I got to speak to Voice of OC and Eric Marchese about the festival - check it out here.

Interested in getting tickets? The show runs August 15-25.

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