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Heading to CSUF

It doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I directed Sans Merci by Johnna Adams at The Garage Theatre but ... it was 2014!

Holy moly. Time flies.

California State University, Fullerton Professor Fred Kinney has invited me to work with his advanced design course on doing a mock design for that same show. This gives the students an opportunity to go through a design collaboration with a director, asking questions and discussing story. We then talk about the needs or the demands of the play and how the characters interact with the world the playwright has created.

I love that I get to be a part of this opportunity, as I think it's hugely important for directors and designers to have a shared process for creation.

We often talk about how production teams can be more collaborative and engage in the collaborative process but very often do we have the opportunity to look at it in a no-stakes forum.

By setting up this mock scenario, Fred is giving his students a chance to apply their course work in work dynamic.

I'm anxious to dive back into this incredible story by Johnna Adams (still one of my favorite directing experiences) is so powerful and beautiful.

Sans Merci by Johnna Adams, The Garage Theatre 2014

Director | Katie Chidester

Set | Yuri Okahana

Lights| Jonathon Daroca

Costumes | Taylor Donham

Sound| Jeff Polunas

Props | Amy Ramirez

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