• Katie

Liveness in Digital Theater

Thanks to Emily Brauer Rogers and her persistence, she submitted the two of us (as Project La Femme) for a fellowship with the Orchard Project in NY and their summer program The Liveness Lab.

The 6 week residency consists of panels, breakout groups and roundtable discussion revolving around making theater in the time of a pandemic. The Liveness Lab seeks to investigate what "liveness" is and how we address it in this new field of digital theater.

I'm an absolutely fascinated and overwhelmed with all I have learned so far, the panelists have been incredible to learn from. VR storytelling, community building, immersive theater, analog technology, scientific study of human bodies while reading/watching theater ... the list goes on and I am so grateful to been a part of this experience.

Emily and I have already been buzzing about the next projects we'll be creating with all this knowledge. Not to mention the incredible people we are meeting (from all over the world) and networking with.

I can't wait to share more!

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