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I've started working on a new project! I've joined forces with a playwright friend and have decided it is time to create work that I'm excited about. It involves the work of Jane Austen and looking at it in a critical and contemporary way - with lots of comedy.

I've been doing a ton of research and reading up on Austen's England and trying to familiarize myself with her works (5 novels and 1 unfinished).

I'm so excited about working on this, tho I don't really consider myself a playwright. I have felt more and more confident that as a theater maker that needs to include so much more than just one discipline. Being involved in multiple aspects of theater strengthens your understanding of the full creation of the art form in this day, it is necessary. Self -producing and self-generating of work is the playing field of people embracing innovation.

Now, if I could just also learn how to be a sound designer.

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